About Reboot Dunedin

Reboot is the brainchild of George Courtney, who came up with the idea of an arcade bar after embarking on a quest to find his hero, the all-mighty being known only as “Captain Hot Pocket.” It is said that the powerful Captain Hot Pocket was forged by pizza grease, empty carbs and Mt.Dew. Captain Hot Pocket was the only hope for George to escape from his mother’s basement. After a video game binge fueled by junk food and caffeine, the great being finally appeared to George, he said, “go forth my son, and create a holy place for nerds to gather.” After resuming consciousness from what was obviously a dream caused by his video games making his brain overload, George knew what he had to do.

To escape from the clutches of mild agoraphobia and three-square meals a day provided by his mother, George knew that Reboot had to be a place that felt familiar. It needed soft touches for his soft hands, and food and beverages to fulfill his frequent night-time hunger cravings. He peered over at a foggy mirror, the reflection of his neck beard resembled that of a wild boar that went nuts in a Cheetos factory, and the idea hit him. Reboot needed something more – Reboot needed beer. Not just any beer would do – only the best locally crafted, artisanal brewed beer, 14 taps worth representing hundreds of craft-beers and of course, sake!